02CEB: Still Pushing Forward

Wednesday - Homemade Oi-muchim

The Banchan experiment continues - today I managed to prepare some spicy cucumber salad (Oi-muchim) and a Spinach side dish (Sigeumchi-namul) to add to my leftover pickled radish (Chicken-mu). Preparation was surprisingly simple and I managed to squeeze it in between my meetings. I didn't have much of a main dish to go with it, so the best I could do was prepare more fish sausages. But now having three different side dishes to go with the meal did make for a better experience. I'm definitely seeing some longer-term merit in regularly preparing more things like this. But I think I'll need better glass containers for more airtight storage than just our re-used ice cream containers. 

I'm really deep into the interview cycle this week, but I think I'm juggling things pretty well. I have prepared Notion templates for my initial interviews as separate from my longer second interviews that cover different areas. I've also gotten into the habit of preparing my notes such as copying over the candidate's education details and working experience timeline versus typing them during the interview itself. It saves me some of the back-and-forth I do as I ALT-TAB between my Notion tab and the candidate's resume, so I can focus more on the video call and watch them as they answer questions and share more details of their career. I wasn't always this rigid about my interview flow and used to be a lot more free-flowing in my approach. And while I still try to engage in a genuine conversation in order to help the candidate not feel so nervous, working through the questions still keeps me on track and gives me a common ground to compare candidates against. 

That said, there's still a lot of work that needs to get done this week and I hope we stay on track for everything. As much as all these interviews are taking up a lot of time, I am rather enjoying the opportunity to engage with more people and continue to play that important role of helping to ensure that we get people who align with our culture and will still get the job done. 

No game today because of real-life considerations. At least Tobie and I got to go for a quick walk after dinner and we'll just try to relax as best as can tonight.