02CE9: Monday Forecast

Monday - Bangus

Alert: The Unionbank Exclusive Pre-Sale for SIX is live from 15-16 April at 10% off for all ticket levels. The promo code is the first 6 digits of your Unionbank (or Citibank) credit/debit card. We have tested it and have managed to secure tickets using my Unionbank debit card linked to my payroll account.

Note: I previously reported that my "O" key was acting weird. Tobie tried cleaning around the edges with some paper in order to clear things and the problem seemingly went away. Today I seem to be having trouble with my "P" key (which is right next to O) and the 9 on my numpad. Let's see if Grammarly will be able to compensate for any errors.

This is shaping up to be a very busy week for me as I am helping out with more interviews. Typically I come in for the longer second/final interview but this week I'll also be processing some of the initial interviews in order to help clear the queue. To this end, I've actually blocked off a large chunk of time on my calendar and have opened it up for interview slots that candidates can select from on their own. It'll save me a bit of coordination effort since they can schedule themselves based on what limited availability I have to commit to this. 

Maybe all these interviews will get me to finally write that LinkedIn post/article about my tips for candidates going through interviews or something. Silver lining and all that.

Beyond that, Tobie and I got to have a nice walk around BGC tonight despite the ambient heat. Summer is definitely going to be brutal this year and even my modest yoga flows in the morning feel like they're taking double the effort in order for me to get through them. I should appreciate the extra difficulty the heat is adding to my workouts, but this is downright dangerous, especially for folks who can't escape the heat with air conditioning. Good luck to us all.