02CD9: Bigger Games Night

Saturday - Tapestry

Note for blog posts at this time: My "O" key is being a little buggy for some reason. So you may see typos related to this despite Chrome's built-in spell-checker plus Grammarly both trying to highlight or even automatically correct such errors. It's annoying but maybe it's just dirt or something - Tobie and I keep trying to clean around the key to see if anything is sticking. So if you see weird words or letters standing alone as errors, feel free to let me know.

So last night our neighbor friend came over and helped fill up the rest of our Good Friday with a lot of good geekery. We warmed up with Wild Tiled West, which is still a bit of a surprise for us even though I went for the pre-order. I got it mainly on the strength of Dire Wolf as a publisher and less about the game itself. It's not even like I'm big on Western-themed games. But this is still a lot of fun and is typically well-received by different gaming friends regardless of experience level. So kudos to them for making such a solid game.

Then we tried tackling Daybreak again, which has proven to be one of the most difficult Matt Leacock games we've ever played. After an initial defeat in our teaching game, we tried watching some strategy videos on how other people are tackling the game and immediately put those ideas into practice for a second game. We narrowly managed to win the second game, but that's still an achievement as it's our first solid win with our physical copy. I'm not quite sold if this is the best way to win, but the principles are pretty sound and we'll see if we can continue to refine this approach in future plays.

Our final game for the night was another all-expansions run of Tapestry, and I still super love this game. The newer factions and city maps are quite tricky and it's taking us time to get used to them. But the resulting game is still loads of fun. While I was fairly happy with how I managed to rack up points towards the end of the game, all this wasn't enough to defeat Tobie.

Tonight, we're going to meet up with a new friend to try the Alice is Missing RPG. We don't get to meet people for in-person RPG sessions as often as we used to, so tonight feels like a bit of a rarity. Plus for someone to request to try out an RPG for their first game is also rather atypical, so we'll see how tonight goes.