02CE6: Surprise Gaming

Friday - Mushroom Tuna Pasta

Work was busy but at least not crazy busy. A lot of us were clearly in a Friday mood but the number of Friday obligations wasn't cooperating with that vibe. But hey. we still got things done so good job everyone who made it to the end of the workweek. 

I had been stressed about the lack of a game schedule for today, but one thing led to another and it looks like we'll still have a friend over after all. While most of our other gaming friends still aren't available, one just got back from a trip and is still over to come over for gaming tonight, so that's great. For a moment, we had considered trying to go to O Bar as a last-minute Friday night activity, but thankfully the friend confirmation came in just in time before we made alternate arrangements. 

I do need to catch up on reading though. We managed to play some games during the mid-week holiday break, but that meant not a lot of reading. I've also been working on my O Bar video queue, which also eats into my reading time. Let's see what we can squeeze in this weekend.