02CE1: Not a Long Weekend

Sunday - Wonderland's War

Our Saturday gaming went pretty well and it certainly felt like the sort of geeky therapy that we all needed. It is interesting how gaming really works for us in terms of stress relief. The tabletop gaming hobby has most unique benefits.

Our first game for the day was a rather big one - our friend had brought his copy of the new Wonderland's War game. Now I'm not the biggest fan of war games (except maybe Root) more because they're typically big on area control as the main mechanic. But this game turned out to be pretty interesting since it's more about winning individual conflicts with bag-building armies so it's close to deck-building games that we like a lot. Plus our friend's copy is the deluxe edition, so it's very, very pretty, although it occupies quite a lot of table space. 

Then we went back to more familiar games since it took a lot out of us to learn a new game that big and actually play through it. I managed to win Wyrmspan, which isn't always the case for this particular game. Something just clicked in terms of the cards I drew and how they aligned with some of the game objectives to result in a pretty solid game. In between we brought out Lost Legacy, which we haven't really moved since the lockdown period. It has a very similar engine to Love Letter but with very different cards and a somewhat more random range of in-game upsets. Then we ended the night with Clank! in Space, which is the science fiction version of the popular dungeon crawling deckbuilding game. I also managed to win this one as I was the only thief who managed to escape the vessel with an artifact.

Aside: this has triggered my need to consolidate our Clank! In Space collection to fit inside the base game box alone just to save space. It all fit with room to spare, but I am hoping to get a third-party insert to better organize things and speed up play.

Today we finally resumed our Pendragon campaign after pretty much two months of delays due to travel and other complications. We're down one player for a while, but it was nice to get the rest of the group together. Today was really more of a warm-up session before we take the story back into high gear. But again, it was really good to be back.

That all made for a pretty good weekend. Tobie and I both have work tomorrow and then he'll at least have Tuesday off. We'll both have the Wednesday holiday, but we don't have firm plans for what we'll do on that day just yet. Suggestions? Volunteers?