02CCC: Woodland War Stories

Sunday - Root

Ever since I got the TowerRex organizer for Root, it felt like only a matter of time before we'd be able to get this game to the table again. It's good to have a neighbor in the building who is as eager to play this as me and it made for a very fun Saturday. It was the first time that I really got to dig into all of the expansions of this game after years of just collecting them. And we even got to follow the new Advanced Setup rules that really shake things up and make for a more balanced start to the game. 

It wasn't easy. It was everyone's first time to play with the different expansion factions and that added to the degree of challenge for both games. We first played with the Riverfolk Company, the Underground Duchy, and the Lord of the Hundreds and my happy little otters managed to win in the end. As much as Root is essentially a woodland war game, it was funny that faction showed that capitalism wins in the end.

Our second game involved the Lizard Cult, the Corvid Conspiracy, and the Keepers in Iron. Tobie's Lizards were all over the map and quite eager to convert everyone to their cause. The Corvids were popping up everywhere and executing different plots much to our detriment. But somehow my badgers managed to secure enough relics to win the day at the very last moment. It was a very close game.

Beyond the new factions, I most appreciated the fact that we got to try playing with the Hirelings this time around, another new mechanic added with the latest expansion. They're essentially mini-factions that might mess up big games but add just enough additional activity on the board for games with 3 or fewer players, as was our situation last night. We even got to cycle things such that the factions that we played in the first game became the hirelings in our second game, in a manner of speaking. I love what they've done for this game!

Finally, we spent the rest of the night completing the playtest activity for Mythwind, where we played 7 games/seasons one after the other. It was nice to give back to the game developers in this way plus I think we'll be slightly better players in the future. Finally, we went through our last Detective mystery game (they're all good for one play) and it was a decent story. There were bits that didn't quite entirely make sense, but it was still fun to see how the mystery was supposed to go. 

Today was pretty chill. I had a long overdue family book club meeting to start the day. We spent the afternoon catching up with a friend. Then we went to that nearby Korean restaurant again, had a hearty dinner, then walked around BGC to round out the night. Now we're just trying to finish the rest of the One Day TV series and just have a quiet Sunday.