02CD6: In Need of Food Variety

Wednesday - Brothers Burger Lettuce Wrap

As mentioned yesterday, it's still pretty tricky to find places to eat that work with my keto diet. We've generally mapped out safe places to go and over the course of the pandemic, we've also confirmed which ones have delivery options. Thus we order from Korean barbecue places like Sariwon at least once a week and during game nights we'd probably go for places like SaladStop! or just the kebabs from places like Uncle Moe's. 

When we go out, I still hope to still get to try out new things or find nice places to dine in at for a meal. But the safest places for us to eat are mainly the places we order delivery from...which is kind of a buzz kill. That's why I was so determined to check out Brothers Burger last Saturday as they have lettuce wrap versions of their burgers. I am a little suspicious that maybe there's less meat in these wraps than the usual burger, but they are very generous in terms of the lettuce. But the dine-in experience is kind of horrible so I think we've only opened up a new delivery option and not necessarily a place to have a nice meal out outside of the home. 

So when we do go out, I end up getting very tempted to go "keto adjacent" as we like to joke. This means I eat something that is not 100% keto but I still avoid excessive carbs and such. This is how we ended up at Tropical Hut yesterday despite how burgers are hardly a keto-friendly option. At least it was a good burger that felt like it was worth going outside my eating parameters. I will goo on record to say that Tropical Hut hamburgers feel more fulfilling than Burger King hamburgers. And I have had recent enough experience with both brands to be able to make that statement. 

I haven't been quite as crazy strict about my keto diet - it might be more accurate to say that I'm actively sticking to lower carb intake overall than being perfectly keto. My more regular trips to Singapore have resulted in me repeatedly breaking my diet and then we also allow for a few indulgences here and there like a McDonald's Cheesy Eggdasal after a long game night or even a little ice cream here and there. I still aim to be keto by default, but I'm also not beating myself up over crossing the line here and there.

Overall, it just feels like most places around BGC aren't very keto-friendly at all. There used to be some restaurants that had pretty good keto options or low-carb options but they closed during the lockdown years of the pandemic. In their place are more of the same and a lot of less than healthy options and maybe I'm better off just eating most of my meals at the Sietch.