02CD5: Small Annoyances

Tuesday - Corned Beef and Cabbage

Minor irritation for the week - my mouse seems to be randomly double-clicking instead of single-clicking. This results in some inconvenient challenges like something not getting selected when I click since the mouse will double-click instead and thus unselect whatever text I selected. This also results in major annoyances like closing tabs when I was just trying to select them or windows getting toggled out of Maximize/fullscreen mode when I'm just navigating through. These are all signs that I should probably get a new mouse, but the challenges are still at the level of being annoyances rather than severe barriers preventing me from working at all, so I'm going to be a little stubborn about things for a bit longer. 

Another weird thing is that Tobie was thinking of bringing Coffee Roaster along with him as he's staying with his family for part of the Holy Week and for some reason we can't find it. It was already a little funny the first time Tobie had forgotten that he had already purchased this game secondhand from someone and I had to remind him that it's in our collection and documented in my tabletop game photo archive. But now that he actually wants to play this oddly large single-player game, we can't seem to remember where either of us may have stashed it. And given the collection involves more than 1000 individual boxes given various base games, expansions, and smaller card games, it can be rather challenging to find a single title that we've lost track of. I'm sure it'll surface eventually, but I hate it when games go "missing" like this, even just within the confines of the Sietch. 

The last thing is that Tobie and I stepped out earlier to get in some steps and have dinner since he'll be away for a few days. I wanted to try to eat somewhere different versus just sticking to the usual places we order delivery from. But that made it weirdly difficult to figure out where to go, especially as we got caught by the dinner crowd. Trying to find something different to eat while sticking to keto is never easy and we ended up helping me hit my step goals for the day just by wandering around while I couldn't come to a decision. In the end, we ended up at a Tropical Hut because why not right? Burgers aren't necessarily keto, but man, nostalgia tastes really good. I will dare say that I think that Tropical burger tasted better than how Burger King seems to taste these days.

What a weird day for pet peeves or whatever.