02CD3: Maximum Weekend Enjoyment

Sunday - O Bar O Divas

We survived another crazy Saturday where we had stuff scheduled pretty much end-to-end. People often wonder how we manage busy days like this and I can't really explain it either. There are people much younger than us who can't seem to keep up or often say that they're so tired despite only doing less than half of what we get up to during weekends. I guess we have a special reservoir of energy reserved for the activities and people we're most passionate about.

We were up late because of our Friday night gaming, and then Tobie had to be awake for a 10am call. I joined him a bit later since I had scheduled a foot spa appointment at 12:00pm. I usually allot 90 minutes for these sessions, but I finished within an hour and ended up walking around BGC to wait for Tobie to finish so we could try having lunch outside for a change and as a way to get more steps in before the rest of our activities. We ended up at Brother's Burger since (1) walking around BGC had me in the mood for a burger and (2) they have lettuce wrap versions of their burgers that make them more keto-friendly. The meal was okay but we probably won't dine-in next time. But it was nice to get out as we even got to check out the BGC Coffee Fest that was happening on 5th Avenue, even if we didn't actually try any of the coffee on sale. 

The next big thing was our board game session with our FGTC friends. It was partly a birthday celebration but also a serious game night. In honor of the birthday celebrant, we ended up playing several Unlock! escape room games as she had been enjoying them as of late. We're big fans of the series as well and had some unique versions to share with everyone. And then our big game before leaving ended up being two simultaneous games of the Korea-exclusive Splendor: Pok√©mon as two different people brought their copies to the game night. It was fortunate that we had exactly 8 players so two copies were just the right amount to cover everyone.

Then we had to head over to O Bar for their summer kick-off event and WOW that was such a great show. It felt like a great showcase of all that O Bar had to offer in terms of the variety of the numbers and the uniqueness of the performances. There were some guest queens who helped to round things out a bit more, but really the home talent was the true highlight of the night. And I'm so proud of the O Divas, O Boys, O2Men, and other performers for what they achieved as it took a lot of hard work to get everything to come together like that. And while a lot of our usual O Bar friends weren't able to join us, we did get to introduce O Bar to some new friends, and we met some fun new friends at the bar as well. 

Today we woke up pretty late, which was good as we were quite drained after all that. We were supposed to have an online RPG session today, but instead, we played a hearty round of Ark Nova via Board Game Arena. It's not quite the same as playing the game in person, but it gets the job done, especially when you want to game with people in diverse locations. It took us the bulk of the afternoon, but it was still a lot of fun.

Finally, we ended Sunday with a nice walk around the neighborhood to clock some steps for me and Tobie. I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend as much as we did.