02CD2: Friday Game Report

Saturday - Tapestry

Our Friday night gaming was a LOT of fun given all the stuff that we managed to bring to the table. We made the most of our limited player count and tried to focus on games that we already knew how to play but were open to upping the complexity for with the addition of an expansion or two.

Case in point, our first game for the night was the original Dune: Imperium board game, but with the benefit of all expansions released for that series - this being Rise of Ix, Immortality, and collated promo content. I can see why they introduced an optional Epic mode of gameplay to stretch the game a bit longer and give players a bigger chance of working through more of the content. Having everything together made for a very massive Imperium deck of cards to work through and I think we still barely saw most of the cards in the expansions. But it was definitely a fun game that Tobie totally ran away with by the mid-game.

Our interim game was a smaller one called Picky Eaters that a friend had brought with her. I wasn't sure what to expect from this game but it turned out to be quite challenging and a lot of fun. At its core, it's a game where you're trying to fulfill "contracts" of sorts in the form of each dinner guest's food preferences that include things they love and things they can't eat at all. And the fact that the guests arrive one at a time and thus you might prepare the favorite dish of an early guest that turns out to be something a later guest is allergic to. It's crazy and I'm glad that we got to try it.

Then we went back to a big box experience and brought Tapestry back to the table and included all the major expansions, these being Plans & Ploys, Arts & Architecture, and Fantasies & Futures. We all used Civs from the latest expansion as (1) it was our first time to try them and (2) I still don't have the Revised Civ Pack that rebalances the older factions. I was a bit out of my element with the combination of the Merfolk and the Polar city map, but I still enjoyed the quirkiness of the FF content. The game is already quite solid with PP and AA expansions mixed in. FF just elevates things to a crazier level. 

Our last game for the night was a cozy favorite - this being the roll-and-write game Three Sisters. I am still surprised at how involved this game is and how much I enjoy a game about backyard farming. But it really is such a deep game with some many interconnected mechanisms and a LOT of paths to victory. I seem to have a pretty good win rate for the game so far, but it's still a great experience regardless.

As mentioned in yesterday's blog post, we have a shorter game night tonight followed by an O Bar event. So we're packing a bunch of smaller games just so that we can log more plays despite the limited time. So yeah, not big box, two-hour games tonight, but I'm sure we'll still have fun regardless.