02CC8: Due Diligence

Wednesday - Mushroom Pasta

This morning I finally got the official text from Unionbank that my credit card application had been declined. As was pre-empted by our company Unionbank rep, the rejection did not include an explanation for the rejection and not even the reminder that the minimum waiting period for applying for a card again is after 6 months. I'm mostly over this at this point, but getting the notification had me wondering about whole it ended. So I ended up researching how to check my credit score, downloaded the app, paid the fee, and then...boom. I was worried that the fact that I haven't zeroed out my main credit card in a while was a serious mark against me, but as per the credit report, I'm in the "Very Good" credit score range. So...I have no idea why Unionbank didn't think I was worth the gamble of offering a no-annual fee card.

Maybe Unionbank isn't quite as awesome a bank as I once thought it to be. It doesn't help that I've been going through some issues with their business banking unit recently. One could argue that a pattern is beginning to form.

So now my Google payments profile is linked to my current credit cards, my PayPal account, my Globe bill, and my GCash account to cover my basis. Netflix has been successfully migrated to Globe billing as well, so I'll just need to be prepared to properly categorize our streaming expenses bundled there for our personal finance tracking. And I'll just bite the bullet for services like Google One and Office 365...unless I go for GCash billing or something, but that'll definitely impact my liquidity.

In lighter news, Tobie surprised me today with a reminder that his other game was actually started later, so we still had time for a walk after dinner. We just finished the first episode of Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo as our dinnertime entertainment then tried to brisk walk our way around BGC to cover 5,000 more steps. So now we're only going to miss Tobie's steps tomorrow, but that's not too bad. We'll treat that as his recovery day or something, haha!

Now I'm catch up on reading and process some more O Bar media or something.