02CC3: Limited Gaming

Friday - Sayote Stir-Fry

It's kind of weird that I totally missed out on the Kickstarter campaign for CMON's Dune: War for Arrakis. Despite my love for Dune and how often I check crowdfunding sites for new board games...this one didn't blip on my radar at all. And yes, it feels even weirder to bring this up right after I wrote a whole blog post about recent board game projects of interest. I don't know how I missed this one, but I suppose it's just as well since I don't think it's a game I'm keen on getting. The different videos on the game that I've managed to skim over all point to how the game shares design DNA with the War of the Ring, the rather epic Lord of the Rings board game. But...that's not quite a game that we've ever gotten around to even want to try. Again, it's probably not a bad game. It's just not the sort of game that we typically like to play. I might possibly want it one day because of the miniatures that bring many of the Dune characters to life, but that still feels like too much to pay for plastic figures.

Tonight's our one big game night for the weekend as Saturday is an O Bar night and Sunday is a theater day. There's going to be a lot of free time throughout Saturday and Sunday that we'll probably invest into playing stuff just to make the most of the weekend. But it won't quite be the same as when we're able to have friends over to round out the game table.

One point of interest is that I've signed up for the beta test for Mythwind's new rules for adjusting and rebalancing characters. It's one way to be able to play this campaign game without affecting the campaign as we haven't been able to gather as a group since our first massive session. I'm still super eager to explore this game's story in earnest, but we don't to move forward with the story without the other players. At least participating in this beta test will give us the opportunity to bring the game back to the table in a manner that has some value to the design group as well. And given they have some new content on the horizon, it would be cool to get some sort of playtester acknowledgment maybe?

I hope your weekend is as fun and meaningful as I project ours will be.