02CBF: Not Yet Desert Walking

Monday - Dune: Imperium - Uprising

I'm kinda giving up on my Unionbank credit card application. We're approaching the two-week mark since I applied and I haven't received any sort of feedback. And my repeated efforts to navigate their automated customer service solutions have been rather frustrating and not very reassuring for future relations with the bank. I don't even know if it's safe to try re-applying in case I missed out on something when I first tried applying. My priority remains to get a card without an annual fee, and thus this Unionbank card is only a priority while they have a promotion going on. 

I'm getting a little obsessed with playing Dune: Imperium - Uprising better than I have been thus far. I won our very first playthrough of the game and it has been rather downhill since then. I've even started watching different YouTube videos on tips and strategies for play but it hasn't quite translated into tangible results. I know I'm feeling this strongly about it since I had a somewhat intuitive grasp of the first game in this series and kind of expected to be doing better by now. But enough has changed in the game to make things a lot trickier to maneuver for one reason or another and things haven't quite "locked in" for me to at least feel like I'm moving steadily forward on a potential path to victory. 

In contrast, I think my Ark Nova game has gotten so much better and I've been playing a lot better. So why can't I get to that same level of comfort with the game as with Dune? to be fair, a factor is that all of my recent games have been against Tobie without other players apart from the automata rival and I really don't have a great track record against Tobie. It's a reason for both admiration and frustration all at the same time, which is why playing board games during the lockdowns was quite stressful. 

Oh the weird things I get worked up about.