02C7E: Saturday Stories

Saturday - Torio Sashimi

Our last full day in Singapore wasn't super eventful, but that was to be expected. I started my day with some quality time with the nephews, albeit more with the only one than the younger one. He's pretty chill in the morning when he has had a good night's sleep and he isn't overly stimulated just yet. So we just bonded while watching his silly YouTube videos and working with his clay.

A better part of the afternoon was dedicated to just chilling with the family. That meant a lot of reading time and I'm now safely past my annual reading target with 368 titles read and counting. I think I can get to 370 before the fireworks go off tomorrow night, and that'll make for a nice number to end the year on.

The main event was dinner, which was a lovely omakase experience at Torio, which is a lovely Japanese restaurant just down the street. My sister had brought me here during a previous trip and it was to share the experience with the family this time around. This is the restaurant that got me sorta obsessed with finding an affordable omakase experience for my birthday I had been long enough since our last visit for the menu to be quite different and everyone had a good time.

I should probably spend some time tonight doing what I call a "test pack" to make sure all of my stuff fits in my luggage. I'm pretty sure I'll be fine since (1) I didn't exactly buy a lot of things and (2) my bag had some Christmas gifts with me on the trip over so that space has been freed up since then. But I also want to read some of the books I bought before I stow them away, so we'll see how things go.

We have an evening flight home tomorrow, so at least we don't have to rush to the airport first thing in the morning. I'm sure we'll have some nice family activities with the nephews first before we all serious consider heading off to Changi.