02C6D: Right After The Game

Wednesday - Sinigang

We have our Invisible Sun RPG session tonight and it's always a struggle to keep up with my blog update during the game. As much as we take turns playing through our scenes (at least while our characters aren't together), I still can't quite juggle my focus between the game and writing a blog post. I suppose that's a good thing since it means that I'm still trying to listen to the parts of the game that don't immediately involve my character in order for things to still make sense when we do reunite. Plus there's a lot of exciting stuff that can happen in the game and it makes for fun listening even as a "spectator" for the scenes of others.

Apart from that, it's also a bit of a struggle to come up with things that I want to write about. I'll have all these different ideas throughout the day and I really should note those down. Instead, I find myself unable to remember any of them by the time I have Blogger loaded up. My mind just blanks out.

I have been toying with looking at options for my next fitness tracker given (1) Fitbit has formally pulled out of the Philippine market and (2) my Fitbit Sense 2 is starting to show signs of aging. The actual tracker still works pretty well, but it is pushing 2 years already, so that's something to think about. I've already been relying on third-party charging cables and watch straps to keep the device viable and I'm starting to feel like I'm losing out over time. I now stock 2-3 extras of both chargers and straps just to make sure that my Fitbit remains fully usable. I don't know if I'd go for something like the Google Pixel Watch 2, which ironically still relies on the Fitbit ecosystem for certain features. But the reviews aren't overwhelmingly positive, so it doesn't feel like a priority purchase.

The other tech item in consideration is my need for activity-friendly headphones after my Bose Soundsport order bombed. I have already gotten my refund from Lazada at least, so I once again have funds that I can use for a different purchase. I've already been looking at the airline's official shop in case there are good deals that I can pick up during the actual flight to Singapore, so that's a big option. Or maybe I can get headphones at the duty-free shops at Changi itself - we'll see how things go.

Oh well, back to my reading and other geekery. Good night.