02C67: Holiday Lite

Thursday - SaladStop!

Tomorrow is a local holiday but is largely still a working day for me. But to balance things out, it'll only be a half day since we're having our company Christmas party and we've let people leave a little early in order to get to the event. It's a little early as far as Christmas parties go but given the competitive holiday season, it still makes sense. Securing venues for parties is hard, guys!

So I won't be working a full day and Tobie will be running a one-shot RPG, so it'll be an interesting Friday on multiple fronts. And we're also hoping to still meet up with friends for our usual Friday night gaming even if I'll be coming from the company party. We can be a bit bonkers in that regard.

Today was not a great day for reading - and this is despite me actively trying to read my business book while generating steps throughout the day. To be fair, we had an RPG session tonight, so that ate up some reading time. But I also had a good number of meetings that took up most of the morning, so it was jsut one of those days. Not a bad day overall, just noting that I didn't get as much reading done. Let's see if we can catch up over the weekend.

One-ish more day to go!