02C66: Mid-Week Notes

Wednesday - Chicken Tinola

As part of our ongoing dinnertime foreign language movie-watching efforts, tonight's feature was Extreme Job, which turned out to be surprisingly entertaining. I loaded it because of the premise of undercover cops running a chicken restaurant successfully. But the crazy characters and the big finale happily saw us through to the end despite Prime Video's subtitles being a little wonky. Totally worth it. 

Today is one of the rare days that my Goodreads Challenge count has gone down instead of up, which is rather reassuring. I still have a long way to go before I hit my annual goal for 2023, but at least my efforts to really push myself are yielding results to some degree. And it's not like I'm only reading short things - I'm still juggling a good number of titles of varying lengths and subjects and all are moving to some degree. But man, time is running out and I don't know if I'll be able to cover more ground during my trip at the end of the month.

Stupid Observations Based on Social Media Memes:

  • I can never easily do the monthly dump memes on Instagram Stories since I regularly clear my phone of all media once backed up to Google Photos. 
  • When I do participate in memes that call for me to share a particular photo from my gallery, I treat Google Photos as my "gallery" (because it really is) and go from there
  • Occasionally there are memes that call for screenshots of your drafts or your phone's notes app. I never have content in either. Most of my note-taking is done on desktop it seems.
  • X/Twitter gays will use any meme as an excuse to show skin and I can't blame them
  • I still abhor taking zodiac stuff seriously