02C65: Entertainment Checklist Items

Tuesday - Sariwon

Tobie and I had finally finished the second season of Yumi's Cells last Sunday and today marked the time we needed to find a new K-drama to watch. But with my holiday Singapore trip right around the corner, we realized that we may not have time for a typical 16-episode K-drama season in the time remaining. We could still watch shows together while I'm away, but holiday activities with the family are bound to complicate things a bit. This leaves us with a bit of an entertainment problem.

So instead, we're going to try to watch foreign language movies over dinner, which is our time allotted for watching programs with subtitles. We could also watch some of the variety shows on Netflix but we'll play things by ear. Our movie for tonight was Collectors, a Korean heist movie that had similar feels to Leverage without going quite all the way there - which worked. 

The Korean entertainment industry is fascinating. 

In other weird news, I managed to get to the end of A Little to the Left, a puzzle game all about organizing and fixing things. It's literally a game about cleaning up that is a lot more random than the likes of Unpacking (which had more story). I really do like weird, cozy puzzle games. I don't know if I'll manage to get either of those games to 100%, but I'm just glad I got through things. They're both quite lovely games.

Now I need more time to catch up on my reading while trying to work our way through Jack Ryan - at least until Reacher comes back to Amazon Prime Video.