02C77: Work Reading

Tuesday Mala

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1123

Before the only business books I really made the time to read were stuff connected to Google. I was pretty obsessed with the company, its culture, its success, its spirit of innovation - all that jazz. And so I made the time to read titles like I'm Feeling Lucky and Work Rules! because of course, I got into them. 

And now our transformation/glow-up efforts at work have me seriously reading stuff for work in an effort to get more perspectives and find inspiration for solutions to various challenges we're facing. We're the biggest we've ever been and on the brink of potentially greater things and I want to help lay the proper groundwork to help us really go, grow, and glow (har har). And it's kind of weird to feel an active need to read more such books. It obviously feels like conducting research for something akin to a school project. But in this case, it's research that will in one way or another feed into company policy or at the very least particular initiatives. 

I have a LOT of homework that I need to get through. But I'm feeling pretty pumped about all this. I'm even buying business books a nearly full price (for ebooks) in order to have them as I need them. And as some of these are fairly quick reads, I'm kinda racking up purchases somewhat steadily. I typically wait for sales before buying ebooks or digital comics, but this has become an exception given (what I perceive to be) business needs.

I just hope I figure out this particular puzzle. Research is just the first step. Then I'll need to put together the plan/process and figure out how to roll it out in a way that makes sense. And as the organization is going through a number of different changes tied to the larger improvement effort, I know I'm going to be vying for attention to some degree. It'll be a challenge in the short- to mid-term for sure, but I'd like to believe that staying the course will lead to longer-term benefits for everyone. And that's what's keeping me going.