02CE6: End of Month Lift Hill

Monday Mushroom Pasta

I'm still a good 15+ books behind pace for my end-of-year reading goal, which is a weird source of background stress. I see it every time I log back into Goodreads and that sort of looms over my reading choices from day to day. And my book juggling has evolved as of late given different obligations. Apart from my active Kindle book, I also have our family's book club book and my work-related reading titles to consider. And in the background, I'm still trying to listen to audiobooks when I have time, although that's a bit of a constraint in itself. All those titles take more time to finish, and thus my reading goal needle doesn't get to move as quickly. Thus to supplement, I continue to squeeze in comic book reading time when possible because I can clear those relatively faster. 

I'd theoretically work through individual books more quickly if I just focused on one title at a time, but my different reasons for reading different things have me wanting to shift back and forth. And it's not that unpleasant an experience - I don't get lost in any of the titles I'm reading for one reason or another. Good job, crazy brain. So we'll see how long I can push this and somehow get back on track before my birthday, maybe?

And yeah, it's the end of the month today and tomorrow marks the beginning of my birthday month. We have two different plays on the calendar, two different O Bar nights including my birthday salubong night, and a good number of tabletop game sessions all throughout the month. It's going to be a busy August but also still busy in a largely ordinary way.

Tonight we're going to watch more episodes of The Bear, I'll read some comics, then we call it a day. 

Hello, August, my old friend.