02CE4: Gaming Through the Rains

Saturday Tapestry

The weather this weekend is absolutely horrible, but still, we've been making an effort to play board games with friends in person. Oh the things we do for the love of the hobby indeed. We're still more or less safe, but it would obviously be smarter and a lot safer to just stay home. 

Funnily, our one guest last night is also part of game session today, so it's almost a full weekend of gaming with her. I appreciate such overlaps in our gaming circles - plus it means more fun with good friends you already enjoy gaming with. And our gaming circles have been homogenizing over time.

Last night we played Res Arcana, a new game Sanssouci and my new love Tapestry. I don't own the last game...but I soon will. I fell in love with it the first time we played a friend's copy and already swore that night that I'll get a copy for our collection. And as we played it again with the above friend's copy of the game, now I REALLY want to get the game and it's expansions. And said good friend is a member of the publisher's web store, so we've agreed to coordinate so that I can use her account to get the complete game at a discount. My desire for this game is THAT bad, so let's consider this an early birthday gift for myself.

The rains this morning forced me to ask Tobie to help me handle family errands after our biweekly book club meeting. It totally made things go a lot faster even if that also meant not getting a many steps earlier in the day. Then we had our weekly Sariwon lunch while watching the latest episode of Strange New Worlds.

Then it was an adventure and a half to get to our game night today. As the rains didn't let up in the afternoon, areas around our gaming venue started to flood but we didn't even consider canceling our game night because we're those people. After much maneuvering, Tobie got us there safely and we're totally going to play through the night. Being stuck with board game friends during a rainy Saturday night sounds like a good situation to be "trapped" in.