02CDA: Progress Steps

Wednesday Curry Cabbage

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1222

As promised, I've been trying to get back into my older workout routine. I'm trying to pace myself, so I've only added in bodyweight exercises on Monday and Wednesday whereas Tuesday I stuck to yin yoga for recovery. I'm going to do the same thing tomorrow and then we'll see how things go on Friday.

I'm back to following the Nike Training Club app for workouts and thus far I've limited myself to what the app tags as Beginner activities. Despite my keeping up with my yoga (at least), these workouts are still kicking my ass and I really do need the recovery days. My legs were still sore the day after my Monday efforts and I know I'll be suffering again tomorrow. But it's a start and I'll just try to keep moving forward as best as I can.

I've started to get my reading ball rolling again. I always read - that's not the issue. But I have started to finish more things, which is the more important part of this equation. I'm still working on my longer books because that's where the meat of things is, but I'm slotting in some interesting comics here and there and that is helping things along quite nicely. 

Today is not quite one of those days because I had a lot of meetings at work and then I spent tonight working on some of the videos from Precious' O Bar birthday show the other week. I typically try to clear my "queue" before we go to O Bar again, but I may not make it this weekend before our Saturday night out. Maybe I'll get to squeeze in one more book before bed though.