02CD7: Sunday Slowdown


Sunday Guilt Free Chicken Burger

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1219

Unlike last weekend, this Sunday has been quite light. Our main activity was the online RPG session for our ongoing Horror on the Orient Express campaign, but beyond that, we didn't have a lot going on. We had managed to arrange for a massage last night and then we slept in a bit because it's the weekend. For lunch, we doubled up on Sariwon despite having eaten there for lunch yesterday, and now I'm dealing with having had too much spicy food in a short span of time.

This was our first session for this campaign since May before all our travel stuff came up, which is kind of bonkers. At least we didn't need a lot of time to remember what the heck had happened before despite the gap. and I think we had a pretty satisfying session with another scheduled in 2 weeks, as per our usual routine.

I'll give a special shout-out for the fact that this is also the first time I had managed to bake a batch of keto pandesal for myself - also my first batch since all my travel across June and July. I've largely been getting by with keto desserts that I've ordered from places like Keto Filipino and other local sellers that I found on Foodpanda and Grab Food. Today's batch was hardly my best and wasn't very fluffy at all, so I have bread that resembles chubby discs instead properly round buns. Ah well, there's always next week.

But don't get me wrong - I like weekends like this. we started strong and pushed hard on the gaming front and then ended in a more restful mode so we're not too tired tomorrow. 

My last note is more of a promise to myself. I was feeling rather lousy last week and only managed yoga thrice instead of my previous effort for daily yoga activity. But all this still feels like a compromise versus my peak pandemic lockdown efforts to do more bodyweight exercises and even some weights work. So this week, I'm trying to psyche myself up to get back into that groove by at least mixing in some bodyweight stuff this week or maybe jogging outside should the weather not complicate this. It's not much but it'll certainly be better than what I've been doing for the past few months. Plus I've been feeling on the heavier side (and my eating this weekend won't help in that area at all), so I really should do more in order to help my health.

Good luck to all of us this week.