02CA9: A New Business Reader

Wednesday Sukiyaki

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1173

We've come to the end of the 2-day workshop and WOW was that a LOT. Definitely no regrets about making the trip here, even if I've added so many business books to my reading queue based on the facilitator's recommendations. Tomorrow isn't part of the core workshop but the organizer has assembled other speakers to talk about their experience with different aspects of the methodology in question, but it won't be the same without the actual driver behind all this present.

It is interesting how this process has gotten me to make reading business books a regular part of my book rotation, even if it means that I'm further behind on my reading goals at times. But it feels like a key part of my job now, especially as I continue to look for inspiration for how to address certain concerns at work. And the past two days have stressed how every business leader should invest time in reading more and furthering their own education in order to continue to better themselves. 

The need for ongoing learning totally makes sense and it's not like I didn't know this before. But I guess I didn't necessarily feel motivated to dive in this way and now I have a more specific impetus for pushing forward. And it's a good feeling and I hope that I can maintain this and hopefully get other leaders at the company to follow suit. It'll mean more insights for them plus I'd have more people to talk to about what's in these books and what it all means. 

Here's to one more conference day!