02C91: Sunday Giving Way to Monday

Sunday Five Tribes

 Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1149

Another weekend is coming to a close and I'm still thinking of chores that need to get done. We had a pretty full weekend of gaming, both in-person and over online video conferencing, but now we need to get ready for the beginning of another workweek in a few hours. 

For tonight, I'm still running a third load of laundry for the day and hope to fold the other batches first. I want to bring out the trash and use that trip down as a chance to pick up a Lazada delivery that didn't bother to have me come down to claim the item. And there are some little things here and there like the dinner dishes and whatnot. But I'm just writing things down to make sure I get through this list of things because that's how you keep a household functioning.

Tobie has his work trip this week and that's certainly going to make for a weird week. Our routine had already been significantly disrupted when he had to report in person for work for a few days, and this week will probably feel that way as well. The main difference is that this trip also includes the weekend, so there's that. It's not even a week, so there's some comfort in that. It's just always sad when we're physically apart for any period of time. I'll try not to dwell on it, but I recognize this is already at least the second time I'm mentioning this trip in a blog entry. But I guess it can't be helped - the subject came up after dinner as we need to map out what he's going to bring and if there's stuff I need to launder before then. 

Here's to hoping you all have a good week ahead as well.