02C86: Solitary Daytime

Wednesday Sariwon

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1138

Tobie's scheduled for another day of in-person work tomorrow and the Sietch has been rather lonely this week. It's a good thing we maintain a virtual space at work - I'm not at a loss for company, even if just via video call. But the Sietch is a bit lonely without him - which is not too different from what Tobie experiences when I'm over in Singapore for work. At least he's home in time for dinner - this is starting to feel like preparation for his work trip in May, which comes before my own trip at the end of the month.

Given this, I've been limiting myself to leftovers for lunch versus cooking something new. Cooking isn't as fulfilling if I'm just cooking for one, and we still have a fair amount of food from last week to work through. Things will be back to normal...by the weekend?

The other thing, apart from the long weekend ahead, is that we have a wedding to attend on Friday. We're both on leave for work and the wedding and the reception should take up a better part of the day. It's going to be our first wedding since the pandemic started, and even then it had been a fair amount of time before we've attended one of these things. 

Cooking may have to wait for the weekend - but I am a little worried about my sinigang ingredients in the fridge. It'll probably be prudent to cook it tomorrow even if I'm the only one eating lunch at the Sietch. It'll keep better once cooked versus leaving the raw ingredients to wilt in the fridge if you get my drift.

Odd notes for the middle of the week.