02C90: Saturday Game Clean-Up

Saturday Dinosaur Island

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1148

Our Friday night game nights are always things we look forward to and we played a good mix of games for sure. Last night's mix included Star Trek Super Skill Pinball, Steam Up, Forbidden Fruit, and Dinosaur Island. The last game was really nice to bring back to the table as our last session had been before the pandemic lockdowns. 

After this morning's family book club meeting, my main goal was to solve the couch games problem that I've been stressing over recently. That meant first tackling the new shelf that Tobie had set up while I was out for the last work trip. That...took a lot longer than expected. In fact, it took a better part of the afternoon, save for us breaking for lunch and another episode of One The Woman

Most of the items were stuff that had been stored on the previous shelf, but Tobie didn't have help putting stuff back and of course, he wanted me to weigh in on where to put stuff. And every time we do stuff like this, I end up wanting to organize aspects of the collection as a whole - or at least significant parts of it. 

The easy stuff was sorting through my Transformers Masterpiece figures (still in boxes) and the heavier books living on the bottom shelf. But things started to get tricky once I started thinking about which games to put there, thus I moved stuff out of the bedroom out to the new shelf, stuff on the floor up to a shelf that used to have Transformers and other combinations of this. By the end, I had at least addressed the couch problem, gotten my Autobot Ark Titan properly shelved, and introduced a few bits of order by clustering some of the games based on their game families and expansions.

So things look better around the Sietch now and I'm happy with how things are...for now. Plus once new games come in, it'll be a problem again haha. Oh joy.