02C80: Couch Pile

Thursday SaladStop!

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1132

So Tobie doesn't have work tomorrow but I do. We were toying around with the idea of inviting a friend or two over for board games anyway, but the timing just felt too tight. But I will try to wrap up my "dailies" quickly in order to make time for a game or two before I have to go to bed.

There are a bunch of new games that arrived over the past few weeks that are now living on the couch. This is a regular parking spot for new games and the sight of the stack sort of pressures me to figure out a place for them. And as moving to a new place isn't an option that's immediately available, we'll just have to figure out how to continue to work with the space that we do have.

One thing that adds to our storage constraints is the number of Transformers that are still in their boxes. I'm not big on keeping things "mint in box" as it were, but I just can't find the time to "work" on them. Before, my goal would be to unbox all Transformers I get within the same year of purchase. But I fell off that wagon once we moved to BGC and the backlog got bigger and bigger over the years. Plus Transformers have storage implications even out of their boxes - just not as bad as their mint counterparts. 

It's a silly "problem" to have, but maybe I'll figure something out this weekend since the couch pile is bothering me. Tobie got a new shelf to replace a wooden one that had given way and that actually promises more space than the old one. We haven't optimized what's on those shelves since I was out of the country for a few weeks and that's rather overdue. But there is a busy weekend ahead, so I don't know yet how I'll squeeze in something like that into the mix of things.