02C85: Tobie Day

Tuesday 5-Hour Simmered Pork Belly

 Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1137

Given all the festivities of the weekend, I'll admit that I didn't orchestrate something complicated for Tobie's birthday. We're not great with surprises and I did consider pushing for something, but I figured it was more prudent to save such energies for another event. Plus we knew this was going to be a weirdly busy week, especially for him.

Normally we both work from home together, but Tobie has some on-site meetings for the next few days starting today. So I ended up not seeing him for most of his birthday, which was a little weird but not exactly an impossibility given my life. I had missed his birthday celebration last year since I was in Singapore, so I definitely wanted to be around this year. So the reasonable compromise was to meet up with him after his meetings so we couldn't find somewhere nice to eat along High Street or something.

After buying new Old Navy shirts for a wedding we're attending on Friday, we walked around High Street and Serendra looking for a place to go to, even if that meant me breaking keto for the day. But instead, we ended up closer to the Sietch to visit Fukudaya, a rather pricey Japanese restaurant we used to go to from time to time before the pandemic. They're still hope (thankfully!) and weren't too busy, so it made for a nice little dinner. We somehow managed to find things on the menu that were generally keto - a bit of a feat for any Japanese restaurant.

We'll continue with the birthday celebrations during the coming weekend for sure - it's always hard to squeeze things into the workweek. But at least we managed something a little special and still made it back with enough time to watch a movie before bed. 


  1. We still got to make the most of the birthday, love love. And created new lovely memories too. I love growing old with you.


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