02C83: More Birthday Things for Tobie

Sunday FGTC

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1135

Last night was our monthly meet-up with the FGTC. And as is the way of these things, we also used the time to celebrate relevant birthdays, in this case, Tobie's. So apart from our usual mix of back-to-back board games and a lot of good food, they had also prepared a cake for Tobie to mark his birthday. 

Well, that and a lot of us trading pasalubong for those of us who had recently traveled outside the country. Cue coffee, other snacks, and facial masks, along with other skincare products. We're a pretty fun group that way. 

We managed to play quite a number of games. These included Sleeping Gods, Star Trek Catan (with the Federation Space map), Dreadful Circus, Welcome To, L.L.A.M.A., Railroad Ink, Steam Up, Splendor Duel, and Get on Board. This resulted in us those of us left standing finishing up past sunrise, but that's just par for the course for our gaming group. 

Today we added a bit of fun to our weekly grocery run by opting to have lunch at the Japanese buffet at SM Aura. It's a little pricey, but totally worth it since I totally go keto on this and only order higher-value items. We eat here every few months and the staff seems to remember us despite the distance between visits. I guess it helps that we've been eating there since before the pandemic and we order a very limited range of menu items, which probably makes us easier to clock. And it's a nice treat for special days like today - our original anniversary before we needed to adjust things because of the colorful nature of 2012.

But we have more work ahead and Tobie's actual birthday to consider. I'm glad that we got a lot to do during the weekend as I'm not sure what we'll be able to squeeze in given how busy our respective work calendars are this week. Plus we're attending a wedding at the end of the week, so that should be interesting, too!