02C84: Incomplete Items

Monday Mushroom Pasta

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1136

Busy Monday, as usual. Got things done. Left a few things unfinished. Maybe I'll be in the right headspace to resolve things fully tomorrow. Or I'll get just things done regardless of where I'm at because there will always be things in need of doing.

The summer heat makes thinking about working out very difficult in the morning. I'm able to persist through yoga at the very least, so that's still something. But the thought of jogging in the morning feels unfathomable these days. Yoga alone won't help me achieve my weight goals unless I seriously amp even that up somehow. The alternative is to develop an evening jogging habit, which feels rather disruptive when it comes to our very important after-work quality geeking out time. 

I'm a little behind on my reading again, and as always that's bothering me. I also have at least two nights' worth of O Bar photos and videos to process and get uploaded before we're scheduled to go again this Saturday. And there's still the backlog of unopened Transformers taking up space that we already need for the more recent board game arrivals.

So many things waiting to get addressed and so little time.