02C74: Indoor Saturday

Saturday Nephew Build

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1120

We spent all of today at the house, which is just fine since the nephews had more than enough to do here. My main participation was putting together this Lego-style marble track that incorporated a weird mix of franchise influences. It included a Jurassic World-style raptor, Minecraft-esque mini-figures, build instructions for a mini-dragon a sound machine that only plays the "Let It Go" song line from Frozen. Totally random. I manage to build the whole track (although it felt rather wobbly) and didn't survive very long with the nephews. But they were pretty patient in terms of waiting for me to finish building it before fully stress-testing it.

Beyond that, it has been a day of good eating and a fair amount of reading. We had our bi-weekly family book club book and I think we all appreciate the current chosen title. I also go started on the latest iteration of Spider-Man comics and I'm...still unsure how I feel about things? The Romita art is delightful, but the actual stories haven't quite hooked me yet.

Last night, Tobie and I were able to get up to speed with the season finale of The Bad Batch, along with the latest episodes of The Mandalorian and Star Trek: Picard. And then last night the "teaser" trailer for the new Ahsoka live-action series and feels overloaded with delights from the Rebels cartoon and even the old Legends continuity. I'm still processing my feelings about all this and now I want to watch all of The Clone Wars again and at least re-watch Rebels. And this is me who still hasn't finished Rise of the Resistance

We should be back in Singapore tomorrow and that'll define the rest of my trip. I still have found the time to meet up with friends in the area given the bad weather last week, so we'll see how this week pans out.