02C4B: More Game Acquisition Plans

Gutenberg Board Game

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1079

Today was a pretty nice Sunday. After watching Uncle Jane last night, we settled in for a late dinner (thankfully Guilt Free was still open for delivery), watched another episode of The Inheritors, and then learned how to play the Gutenberg board game. 

We woke up early enough to grocery shop for the week. And while we could totally go to the supermarket on either Monday or Tuesday after work, the available produce is never quite as good versus what's on shelves on Sunday. So it's always a good thing when we have time for it despite how busy our schedule can be. So we had lunch at the foot court, got through our grocery run, and then got home in time for our afternoon online RPG session.

Having finally played our copy of Gutenberg for the first time since I had pre-ordered it had me excited for more new games. We have a number of other board games that we still need to sit down and learn Tobie and I tend to do our best learning sessions on our own without other players to add to the teaching load. This got me browsing Kickstarter for new projects and that led me down a rabbit hole.

Today I backed three different tabletop game projects. 

The easiest to explain is a game called FORK, which is actually an acronym for Fox-Owl-Rabbit-Kale. The name of the game is also its primary mechanic, which reminds me of 5211 in that respect. This trick-taking game involves a pretty direct food chain flow that determines who wins the trick (or in this case gets to "eat" another card to score it). The core game concept is what has most excited me about his game despite the rather simple design of the game itself. You gotta love an indie publisher and all that.

The other two projects are both clustered projects for multiple games at once.

Agueda, Color Field, and Donut Shop are three games that all have tile-laying as part of their main mechanics. Given how Tobie first got me into modern board games with the likes of Carcassonne, one of the more famous tile-laying games out there. The games look rather pretty and getting all three games includes a free upgrade to deluxe components for all games, so that all seems to make sense.

The last project is for 4 small games - Chomp, Sail, Couture, and Mind Space. The games all play very differently with the only common theme is how they're supposed to be small games that generally play quickly - think about 30 minutes per game. The real trap is that the project includes a pledge tier to get ALL of their small games at a discounted rate, and I tend to get suckered into things like this. I did the same thing when the Moon Kickstarter came out and I ended up backing it and pledging for copies of their earlier games Villagers and Streets

All three projects are going to formally close in a few days, so I still have time to change my mind and back out at the last minute. It's like how I'm still weighing whether or not to see my pledge for Stonesaga through to the end (the project closes in just over a day), but it's somewhat unlikely I'll change my mind. They're all great games and these projects are a nice way to try to support the creators more directly. And a lot of times things actually pay off pretty well.

Fingers and toes crossed for now. 


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