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Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1068

At yesterday's Valentine's Day event, Tobie remarked aloud that we didn't know any of our fellow residents. Of course, doing this caused the nearest person to try to strike up a conversation since she also didn't have many friends in the building. 

It wasn't always this way. Our efforts to leverage location-based dating apps to find potential players for board games did help us meet some people in the building. And that resulted in a few fun game nights here and there and a lot of chance encounters around the building or in the elevator. It's not something we made a lot of time for, but it was a nice break in our routine. But that changed over time and one by one they moved out, especially during the pandemic lockdowns. 

So it's interesting news that a friend will most likely be moving into this building soon. We already hang out fairly regularly at O Bar and this means more opportunities for game nights as well. This is going to further augment our in-person gaming efforts even more, plus it means we'll have a familiar face to watch out for in the elevator. 

We just finished watching the second season of Canada's Drag Race, and it wasn't that bad. The first season was rather severe, which is why we deferred watching this second one until now. It was generally better but certainly somewhat muted as well. I think they tried to respond to all the criticism of harsh critiques and tried to balance things out by being a lot more supportive. We'll get to Season 3 soon enough, but no rush.

We're also on the brink of finishing Touch Your Heart, our current K-drama. It's not one of the more complex shows but it's not terrible either. I can understand why it didn't become particularly popular as it has some weird narrative twists and turns. We're still going to this through to the end, of course. But I do wish certain things had gone better.

Finally, all of my interest in Star Trek Online and Stellaris as of late may make watching The Ark a bit more meaningful. I've heard some very mixed reviews, most of the negative, but hey, we rarely get new science-fiction shows these days. We have to at least try to give it a fair shake.