02C3F: Almost a Dark Valentine's

Valentine's Day 2023

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1067

Today started on a very weird note. We had a warning from the building admin that we were to expect "flickering" after midnight due to some Meralco activity in the area. The intermittent power period was projected to last from 12:00am to 05:30am, which theoretically wasn't too bad since we'd be asleep. True enough, after midnight we had a few power fluctuations that were enough to interrupt the episode of Canada's Drag Race that we were watching. 

But then the power went out entirely and didn't come back right away. Our condo at least has a provision for a "courtesy socket" during power outages where all of our electric fans are hooked up to, so it's not the end of the world. And we had one working light in the living room, so that was enough to get by with. We figured that things would be back to normal come morning.

We woke up and we were still on generator power. No power means that our fiber internet was still down and we were running on mobile data. Not quite the end of the world, but very frustrating. Plus Tobie had gone to bed without the benefit of his CPAP, so he was terribly sluggish and not well-rested. I was already steeling myself for not being productive today and we both had to give work a heads-up that our internet wasn't great since we were relying on our phones. 

Thankfully, the power came back before lunch and we didn't quite lose the day. But it was weird to consider that we were going to have to deal with a Valentine's Day without power. I can't even cook without power since we only have an electric oven/range and the thought of this was stressing me out. 

But the power did come back, so I cooked the very romantic dish of...pork sinigang. And then after work, we dropped by the "Acoustic Night" that our condo had arranged for today. They had a little acoustic trio providing entertainment with very sugar-heavy things to eat. At least there was also some wine, a photo booth, and extra lights strung up around the swimming pool area to provide some degree of atmosphere. We didn't too long since Tobie had cooked dinner, but we could continue to hear the music from our unit while we watched another episode of Touch Your Heart.