02C3D: New O Bar Friendships

NAIA Victory Concert at O Bar

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1065

My arm still wasn't 100% by the time we headed out to O Bar, but it managed to perform well enough. It's weird to refer to a body part as a piece of machinery, but it had a job to do and I'm just glad I got through it. I had brought my monopod along as planned, but in the end, I gave up on the idea of using it when my limited range of motion felt sufficient to get through the night. There were more than a few moments that I'd make the mistake of using my left arm to take selfies with friends throughout the night, but nothing too aggravating. 

I've taken one more anti-inflammatory today to help things along but I think I'll stop the painkillers tomorrow. I also think I can start to re-introduce some lighter yoga into my routine again or some other form of physical activity. I'm sure I've gained weight while waiting for my arm to heal so I'm rather eager to dive back in.

In these post-Drag Race Philippines and Drag Den times, I seem to have developed a new aspect to my identity at O Bar. Sure, Tobie and I are familiar faces given how often we've gone over the years, and we've certainly developed a circle of friends who have also been going to the bar. But now I have a whole other segment of O Bar acquaintances because of my YouTube videos of the different performances. More people have approached me at the bar to introduce themselves and thank me for all the videos I've posted. It has further expanded the number of people who call me "Sir Rocky" at the bar apart from the staff and the performers. Others just address me as the guy who posts all those videos until we actually introduce ourselves to one another by name. 

I'm now trying to make a habit of taking photos with these new acquaintances as well. Some have added me on Facebook after an O Bar encounter. Others message me on Instagram and we eventually connect there. And I still get different comments on the videos themselves from literally all over the world. It's just nice to talk to a lot of these people and share our love for the performers. And it certainly helps to hear how much they appreciate my efforts as well. Small rewards for something I do mainly out of love for the drag queens, the dancers, and other artists who grace to O Bar stage.

Life continues to surprise you.