02C3C: Family Activities

Saturday Dessert Sampler

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1064

Today we had our second family book club meeting for Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow. We had originally planned to read this book across a 6-week period, but we ended up finishing it within 4 weeks instead. It's a fun activity to share and our book discussion was interesting, to say the least. We've already agreed upon our next book with a timeline of two months (1 meeting every 2 weeks), but we'll see how that goes. We're all pretty sure the book is going to be a fairly light read for us and we'll probably finish it sooner rather than later.

It is nice that this is something we can enjoy despite our being in different locations. Our first meeting had us all dialing into a call while for today's meeting, I was able to visit and only my sister was remote. And while we naturally have a lot of organic conversations as a family throughout the week, it's nice to have a set time to meet regardless.

The other thing that came up was planning board game nights with the family. We haven't really played many games beyond our usual Christmas competitions with past iterations including poker, mahjong, and Scene It, among other games. We may try mapping out a few sessions in the near future. Admittedly, my mom is a great candidate for Batman: Everybody Lies, the deductive game based on the Detective system by Portal Games. Like most mystery/deductive games, it's essentially a game we can only play once with a particular group of players, so we haven't been in a rush to play it without finalizing a group to play with. I blogged about this limitation some time back.

Anyway, time to get ready for O Bar. It's another event night tonight and I'm just glad that I managed to get all of the photos and videos I had taken last time fully processed. Feel free to check out my O Bar playlist on YouTube. 

Have a good weekend, folks.