02C37: Two Delightful Highlights

Monday Salad

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1059

Monday was naturally a busy workday but there are two things that I most want to remember about the last 24 hours that have nothing to do with work.

After yesterday's Japanese buffet brunch and my afternoon batch of keto pandesal, I was in that confused state of not being super hungry but knowing that I should eat something before bed. We played through our RPG session and I still couldn't figure out what we should do and had started to resign myself to the notion of just skipping dinner and holding out until the next day. But Tobie offered to make salads for both of us, which sounded like a good idea. But his initial pitch for a quick tuna-mayo salad ended up as something a lot more complicated with the joy of a Japanese-style hard-boiled egg - just hard enough to hold its shape but nice and gooey inside. It was such a delightful surprise and it really made for a nice light dinner.

I just wanted to document this fun little surprise - you can see the salad (before I added some salad dressing) in the header image of this blog post. Tobie still manages to surprise me here and there and it's one of the many, many things I love about our life together. 

The other great moment for today involved a random video call with my sister and my nephew. We're typically on Gather Town together throughout most of the day, so we're pretty used to just leaving the camera on while we work. Then her older son walked into frame and naturally I tried to get his attention - a challenge on any day, really.

One thing led to another and we ended up goofing around with him trying to feed me cookies through the screen. On paper, it sounds a little trite but as an actual experience, it was hilarious. And thankfully my sister got it on video so I can enjoy it based on how I remember it and from what things looked like on the other side. I'm getting pretty good at being the remote uncle hehe

Good stuff for today.