02C36: Another Full Yet Fulfilling Weekend

Sunday Takenoko + Chibis

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1058

Yesterday's board game session was awesome and we played all the way to about 03:00am. Our game roster included Namiji, Concordia (+ Salsa Expansion), Splendor, Weather Machine, and finally Takenoko (+Chibis Expansion). That's already a good number of games played across a 12-hour gaming session, especially since we had to teach the rules for all games or at least for the expansion introduced for the session. 

But yeah, that was a really great way to spend our Saturday. We've been trying to get more of these sort of longer-duration, in-person game nights going and we super appreciate friends who have been humoring us in celebrating this hobby on a nearly regular basis.

And then I played some more Star Trek Online before bed to get more caught up on recent "events" within the in-game continuity. That resulted in me not getting a lot of sleep before it was time to head out for errands before our afternoon online RPG session. We indulged in a very hearty Japanese buffet lunch at Ogetsu Hime and then blitzed through our weekly grocery shopping. It really does make a world of difference to go on a Sunday versus on Monday nights after work as the stock levels are a lot healthier. It's a little hard to manage this when the weekends get very busy, but I think our recent grocery runs just reinforce that it's more than worth the effort. 

Our afternoon RPG session was fun (as always). I squeezed in time to bake another batch of keto pandesal. And now we're just winding down for the night in preparation for another workweek starting tomorrow.