02C33: Good and Bad News

Thursday Adobo

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1055

Exactly 1 year ago, Tobie and I hard worked on the 1,000 puzzle game Quezzle Amazing Capaddocia, and we rather enjoyed the whole experience. This beautifully crafted wooden puzzle by Unidragon included very original shapes and a unique game mechanic that involved studying the tiny details of the puzzle and learning more about the story of the princess. For perfect timing, today I backed the new Kickstarter for Quezzle Space Adventure, which is the sequel puzzle game but now with a space setting! And it looks like it'll continue the story of the princess in the stars beyond, and I'm pretty excited about it. It's hardly a cheap experience, but it still feels more than worth it given the quality of the actual product. 

The other big news this week is how Netflix is supposedly going to start cracking down on password-sharing. Most articles have pointed at the update to the Netflix Help Center that details their policy on sharing and how they will determine what makes a "household". I get it - the rampant sharing of account credentials by groups of people is something a lot of people do around the world to mitigate the costs of the service. But the significant complaints on social media give us an indication of how many people may be affected by this policy change. It certainly makes business sense for Netflix to better enforce its household sharing limit (which is also mentioned on the sign-up page), but I'm not sure if it demonstrates a good understanding of its current user base. It seems unlikely that most of those who will be affected by this policy change will actually convert into new full-time users. For now, we'll wait and see how this plays out and how people will respond once Netflix starts actually enforcing things.

And the latest way Musk is trying to make money out of Twitter is killing access to the free version of its API. I suppose this will lead to savings on things like the resulting server usage as a lot of the free uses are little things like all those bot accounts that tweet quotes and such and a lot of the smaller services that would automatically pull from or push content to Twitter. It can seem like a small thing, but it'll certainly change how Twitter will feel like for many - I know I have a lot of such bot accounts in my follow list because I enjoy getting those updates alongside the gloom and doom of the rest of the social internet. 

Don't even get me started on the local stuff.