02ACA: New Year Puzzle Adventure

Unidragon Quezzle Amazing Cappadocia

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 690

Our Chinese New Year holiday activity plan was successful! We spent essentially the whole day (since we started last night after midnight) working on the Quezzle Amazing Capaddocia puzzles. We finished the first two sets last night and worked on the other two today. We even ended up ordering out for meals just so that we wouldn't need to spend time cooking as we needed as much time as possible for puzzling.

I'm not 100% sure, but these puzzles didn't feel quite as challenging to assemble as the Mysterious Lion was. But it helps to have distinct scenes to compare against and the benefit of a second pair of eyes going over the pieces. Tobie and I definitely felt our age as we worked through the sets as our eyes struggled as we studied some of the finer details of the art on the different pieces. But we persisted and go through to the end AND got to enjoy the game aspect of things. Beyond the obvious Where's Waldo-style experience the detailed art of the puzzle provided, there was also some creative use of puzzles from different sets that actually worked with one another to form new shapes including characters related to the story of the set and other fun bonuses.

They also had some AR-enabled experiences to really bring the puzzles to life. Unfortunately, the app is still in an alpha state it seems and we had very limited content available. We may have to go through these puzzles again once the rest of the digital content is ready.

On the whole, it was a rather delightful experience, but it was good that we had a holiday dedicated to working on it. It doesn't necessarily take long to work on these - the developer's estimate of 8+ hours was about right. But it does need a lot of table space, so we really had to get everything done sooner since it kicked our laptops off the table just to fit everything in. 

These Unidragon wooden puzzles are rather pricey but are certainly beautiful and worth the investment. but I think I'd limit our purchases to just one set a year maybe. This Quezzle side effort is certainly a lot more up our alley given the game aspect, so I might just wait for the next edition to come along. I'm also looking forward to sharing these sets with friends in the future similar to how we get to share our multiple-use escape room games like our Unlock! sets.

And this also brings my extended Chinese New Year long weekend to a close. This is probably the most time I'll get off from work for the year and I think we did pretty well with our time, at least by our standards.