02C1F: A Transformers Friday

Friday Keto Pasta

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1035

This morning we were awoken by the front desk telling us that the PhilPost person had an envelope for us. I kind of dread it when it's the local post office rep since it typically means paying the customs inspection fee or whatever. And I had no idea what this package was supposed to be since we had already gotten past the glut of board game arrivals earlier this week.

It turned out that the envelope in question had two small books - the promised MTMTE Notebooks that give a glimpse into how John Roberts conceived the story of the More Than Meets The Eye Transformers comics, which I absolutely LOVE. He had initially made them available at a convention and then expanded the offer to anyone in the world, which is crazy/ These are just volumes 1 and 2 of his curated notes but I'm so happy they're finally here and even better than the postman didn't charge me anything.

I'm a big fan of the 2005 IDW Transformers comics continuity and I'm pretty sure I have every comic released in this arc. And while I also appreciate their 2019 rebooted continuity, I haven't been able to collect all these issues because of regional restrictions imposed on digital releases of the books. With IDW having lost the Transformers license last year, that pretty much wraps up that. I've been weighing re-reading at least the entire 2005 continuity but I may bump up MTMTE first. But that's tricky since it picks up plot lines from prior stories like The Last Stand of the Wreckers or even some of the Spotlight books - it's a can of robotic worms!

So needless to say, I've had Transformers on my mind again all day today. And this didn't even factor in how I had originally planned to spend tonight unboxing Transformers that have been languishing around the Sietch since last year tonight, so it's that kind of a day, I guess? No complaints - I really do love this franchise a LOT. And Tobie is running a one-shot RPG, so the unboxing efforts were really on the agenda for tonight.

Have a good weekend, everyone! Make it as geeky as possible.