02BC9: The Trudge to Singapore

The Other Half of the Trip to Singapore

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 961

So the second half of our trip to Singapore had its fair (?) share of complications. We finally got to board the plane before 09:00pm, so that felt like a hopeful development in our trip. They told us twice that cargo loading for the plane had been delayed due to staffing shortages at the airport and we eventually finally got underway closer to 10:00pm.

The flight itself was okay - the Singapore Airlines staff did their best to keep us comfortable despite a lot of turbulence along the route. Tobie and I actually enjoyed watching stuff together (and yes, we tried to sync our respective in-flight entertainment units every time) and the meal was good. We landed in Singapore sometime around 01:30am but it took a while before they let us disembark due to the weather at the time. We got through Immigration pretty quickly and without any complications but got delayed again waiting for our bags. I figured the rain meant it was harder to unload the plane so we just had to be patient.

Our last big hurdle was getting out of the airport and the taxi queue. The money changers at the terminal all appeared to be closed for some reason and Changi Recommends didn't have any airport transfer options available. So we joined the taxi queue and were informed of an estimated 45-minute wait time along with the advice to try booking a Grab car at the same time just in case. But I had no luck with Grab, so we were stuck in the queue.

We waited for about an hour and 40 minutes before we got a cab and could finally wrap up this trip. It was good that we had opted to pick up some instant noodles before joining the taxi queue since that gave us something quick to eat to wrap up the journey. I'm glad I had filed leave for the day since it gave me the option to sleep in after that very long journey over here. I'm sure the rest of this trip will go better, but wow, this was certainly one for the books.