02BC3: Getting Back on Track

Tuesday Sinigang

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 955

Everyone's looking forward to the long weekend next week but I got a preview of that by needing to deal with the aftereffects of the long weekend we just had at work. And it was a pretty good first day back despite a lot of meetings, as is often the way of things after a long weekend.

I actually got to start the day with a resistance band workout - my first in almost two weeks. It was a longer routine that turned out to be one that I was familiar with that happened to have an extra ten minutes of exercises tacked on at the end. 

I finally got that invoice addressed and we survived another payday - a source of stress for me at least twice a month even if things typically go like clockwork. And I got some reports among other things. I'm still going to be playing catch-up for other work-related tasks throughout the rest of the week, but today is still something I can consider to be a good day.

Beyond that, I'm still trying to figure out how to get back on track with my reading goals. We're in the last quarter of the year and I'm still a good 35 books behind pace to hit my year-end goal. I'm trying to keep my other activities to a minium to shift more focus on my reading, but I can't deny that I still have my share of mobile game distractions also competing for my time. 

At least our board game activity as picked up recently with more in person meet-ups with friends. Digital board games are decent but nothing beats sharing a game table. Not sure when our RPGs are going to return to in person just yet but it's something we keep thinking about. 

We finally finished Mr. Sunshine today, which was quite the lengthy K-drama to work through. But it was a very rich historical drama that we rather enjoyed and was worth the time. We'll just need to take a break from either military or period stuff for a bit - we'll probably of back to a more contemporary thing or something. We also finished the last episode of Killing Eve yesterday. This final season wasn't its best, but it did try to wrap things up neatly enough. It's still a great show overall.