02BC2: Holiday Bits

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 954

I didn't have work today because of the Deepavali holiday and I sort of had big plans for myself today. I tried to sleep around my normal time so as not to disrupt my work schedule and to give me enough time for everything that I wanted to do. I figured that I'd be able to jog a bit to see if I can squeeze it into my schedule before work and then I had some work things that I wanted to settle before my foot spa appointment at noon.

Instead, I slept in a bit and woke up with barely enough time for a quick yoga flow. I had to work on some Deepavali-related ads for work and then I was practically running to the nail salon for my foot spa. It was a decent session but I kind of wish that I had the space alone to myself, but I guess a few other ladies had the same idea as me.

I got home in time to cook lunch for Tobie and then it felt like most of the day had already passed and I hadn't really "achieved" anything to make this a "proper" holiday. I got a bit of reading in but I made the mistake of picking a rather long comic book volume to read, so I didn't get to add anything to my Goodreads list just yet. And I actually delayed our initial plans to head to the grocery right after Tobie finished work because I still had to set up some 11.11 ad campaigns and a few YouTube boosts before we could go.

And I didn't even get to finish the invoice that I wanted to clear today.

Grocery was a little anticlimactic since we only got the bare minimum needed since we're flying to Singapore on Sunday. And then we figured that we should minimize our risks this week, so we didn't even have dinner at the mall and just rushed back home. Our grocery mainly consisted of vegetables since we are trying to work through what we have left in the fridge. Well, that and a few travel-related supplies like small packs of tissues and wet wipes for Singapore.

Well, I accept that the extra hours of sleep were a gift. And I had a (mostly) work-free day, so that's still something that should be appreciated. But it's back to work tomorrow. And I really need to clear that invoice.