02BC0: The First Jog (Again)

Saturday Raiders of the North Sea

 Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 952

Before I begin...we're still under quarantine, right? I'm still maintaining a count since the government hasn't declared officially that we can finally relax. But the current administration has been a lot less diligent about officially declaring the ongoing statuses in the different parts of the country. I think the last thing I read was that we're just indefinitely maintaining things as is until they say otherwise, which is such a cop-out. Then again, we still don't have an official Secretary of Health despite the ongoing pandemic so...let's just leave it at that. 

After venting my frustrations with my lack of progress in the physical fitness department, I was determined to try to something more than "just" another yoga flow. But given how I haven't been working on weekends in general, I suppose anything would have been an improvement. We were up all night gaming with friends, but that still left the afternoon for some activity time. Tobie had family stuff to attend to, so it was just as well that I was left to my own devices today.

I promised myself that I would try jogging and I eventually ventured out despite the mid-day heat. I figured a few circuits around the Singapore embassy complex would be a good start plus the area is fairly shady. Things started well enough and I tried to keep to a more leisurely jogging pace. But to my surprise my Fitbit reported that I was either in my Cardio or Peak heartrate zone for most of the run despite not going as fast as I used to. I had previously reached a point where I could jog about 5km in just over 30 minutes without stopping but today it was a struggle to get past 3km. I had to slow back to a brisk walking pace after my first few circuits and I settled into this sort of stop-go cycle a few more times before I crossed the 3km threshold. 

Not gonna lie - still rather disappointed with how that went, but I recognize the work that I have ahead. I'll try to squeeze in more jogging time in the coming weeks (maybe even during the workweek?) to see if that helps me progress. As much as I know I'm being hard on myself, I'm still really glad that I did it. Best to attack such things head on instead of complaining internally after all. 

We're just waiting for another friend to make his way here for another in-person game night. We have a number of new games to try but we're still helping him break into this hobby further, so we'll see how things go.

As always, I hope you're all having a pleasant weekend.