02BBF: Back at the Starting Line

Friday Mushroom Pasta

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 951

I've been a little frustrated with myself on the fitness front. I go through some sort of a workout everyday, but I've shifted away from regularly using my resistance bands or weights and mostly yoga. And given how my weight and body fat percentage has been creeping up bit by bit, I'm clearly not even keeping pace with what is eat. My keto and IF won't matter of I don't burn enough. And neither will consistently hitting my daily 12k step goals.

Yoga isn't bad though. I like how it's a meditative effort at the start of my day and it puts me in a better mindset to start my work day. My best days are when I can do something more active and still have time to go through a yoga flow after. But more and more I've haven't super been feeling up to circuit training, so I just "settle" for yoga. I try to push myself with harder flows at least, but that's still not enough.

I have mostly stopped working out on weekends, which doesn't help. With life closer to normal, we've been staying up late on weekends either gaming with friends (in person!) or O Bar (of course). So I can't really complain on that front. But I need to get back into balancing things better such that I still squeeze in some workout time (at least yoga?) during the weekend somehow.

To be fair, I know I stand a better chance of losing weight with more cardio work than strength work, despite how much I enjoy feeling pumped after a good weights workout. And I recognize it's odd that I still haven't tried jogging outdoors despite masks no longer being required out there.

I know what has also curbed my workout activity is my likelihood to injure myself because of my workouts. Sure there are the minor aches and pains, which is normal. But I've also significantly pulled back and leg muscles through different forms of exercise including circuit training, resistance band work and even yoga. And that's been a little traumatizing.

One step at a time. At least I've been keeping up with my steps and my yoga. I'm going to try to squeeze in some jogging time this long weekend. Then we see where things go from there.