02BA5: Typhoon Karding Sunday

Sunday Steak and Laing

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 925

Super Typhoon Karding is on everyone's minds today given all the reports of how strong it is. It looks like it's not going to hit Metro Manila directly, which is a bit of a blessing. However it has still increased the amount of rainfall across most of Luzon, so it has been a rather gloomy day. 

On our end, we rushed the weekly grocery once we woke up. We knew that would mean joining a lot of the panic shoppers, who all wanted to restock before the typhoon. We rushed an early brunch at the food court and then blitzed through our shopping for the day. Tobie and I can be pretty efficient when we grocery given we separate in order to pick up the different things we need and then meet back at the cart like celestial bodies orbiting a planet. Sometimes the cart is with me and other times it's with Tobie and this cycle keeps happening until we've covered all the items on our list. 

We also asked the building maintenance to reinforce our still-damaged window ahead of the rain. When it first broke back in June, they said it would take about 3-4 months before replacement panes could be acquired for the whole building. But now it's well into the rainy season and it still hasn't been replaced, unfortunately. Thus far, we haven't experienced water seeping through the tape, which is a small relief. But today we were more worried about the potential winds the typhoon might bring to our area, so it felt a little better to have them add another layer of tape to shore it up in case it finally gives way.

We still pushed through with this afternoon's online RPG session for our Horror on the Orient Express game. We all got through the session without anyone experiencing internet connectivity issues due to the weather, for which I'm thankful for. I've also managed to migrate all my notes for this game from OneNote into Notion in the same way that I've done for our Dracula Dossier game. 

My game-related notetaking still feels pretty basic, but we'll make it more dynamic over time. At the very least, I've started to interlink my notes for the different sessions based on character or plot point mentions helping create a bit more synergy between my notes. The big challenge for the future is either creating some sort of a wiki or a database of characters that I can use to document what my character has learned about the different NPCs and antagonists so I can link to it in future notes. It's kind of exciting, but I'm taking my time with things to be sure. I'm still figuring out how I personally want to handle notes for both gaming and work before I add on other functions. 

Things are relatively calm here in BGC as I write this blog. It's reading steadily, but not to an overly-heavy degree. It's not very windy either, but things did get a little intense earlier in the afternoon. Hopefully, it won't get so bad.