02B90: New Reasons to Be Excited for Local Drag

Sunday O Bar Celebration

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 904

So we survived our double O Bar weekend without major incident. It sort of helped that we somehow limited our table to just one bottle of vodka last night, albeit with a few shots of tequila from friends. The triple-birthday show was amazing, and I'm super proud of the O Divas and other performers for the amazing production they managed stage. 

Admittedly I've been feeling a little wistful and somewhat concerned with how things are starting to change at O Bar. The coming of Drag Race Philippines has resulted in the competing O Divas being at the bar less, which further thins the ranks after a few moved on to other establishments before O Bar re-opened in December. And we've seen a couple of different girls get their time on the O Bar stage, but not everyone has stayed on for different reasons. 

This event was the first birthday show for one of the newer O Divas and she totally killed it despite how nervous she was about the show. There were some very well-choreographed numbers that required a lot of practice and timing to pull off and they totally nailed it for the most part. And that not only had us feeling proud of their accomplishments, but personally I felt a bit more hope for the future of drag at O Bar. In time the roster of performers may change, but the O Bar will continue to cultivate great talent and try to help different artists better their craft and elevate things to a higher level of fulfillment. 

And now I have so many photos and videos to process and get cleaned up and shared so that the performers can also appreciate the great work they've done. One piece of media at a time.