02B8F: O Bar Prerequisite Resilience

Saturday O Bar

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 903

So we survived last night's Friday O Bar night and had a great time. It was a different mix of friends versus our usual, but that is part of what made the evening unique and all the more enjoyable. This included discussing with a few other O Bar friends about all of us seeing one another again for the Saturday night show. It's a problem unique to people who go to O Bar more regularly - particularly those who feel the increasing constraints of age.

We managed to squeeze in some games with our FGTC friends this afternoon but we'll have to get ready for tonight's O Bar run pretty much as soon as we wrap up this round of Lords of Waterdeep

The main concern for the night has been the weather. While it was pretty intense in BGC in the afternoon, things seem to have mostly settled down and things remain calm at the moment. Given how much discussion there was about factoring in the weather for this weekend's plans, I'd count ourselves lucky that the inclement weather has cleared fairly quickly. 

Nevertheless, fingers and toes are crossed that the rest of the weekend will remain equally calm. 

Tomorrow should be less stressful than the last two nights since it's not like we can go out to O Bar for a third straight night. That would be outright crazy